Monday, June 6, 2011

Being Who and What You Are In Today's Transparent World of Social Media

I have been talking about the value of social media for a while now.  Many in the pool & spa industry agree with my message and realize that this new form of communication is way past the fad media is here to stay.  It is the new norm.  Let me share with you another example of social media at work...I recently received this email:
"Hey Vance, Frank the pool guy in Miami. Taking your advice on the social media exposure. When you have a moment check out the company Facebook at please give us a "like this". Also, created a new webpage, check us out at http//"
So, I went to check out Frank's Facebook page & his website & one thing quickly became apparent to me..."Frank gets it."  I encourage you to take a minute & visit Frank's website.  Clicking on "About Us" takes you to a page that discusses his "core values" - integrity, dependability, and excellence.  Throughout his website he uses phrases like "environmentally friendly, highly efficient, easily maintained, lowest cost of operation".  Those are "values" important to Frank and values shared by today's consumer.  His message moves seamlessly over to his Facebook page where you find a client post that reads: "I hired Frank/Bluewater Pools to resurface a pool and build an infinity edge on a $5 million home for my most important client. I worked with several other contractors  in Miami and none kept their promises and none were accountable.  Frank was the opposite.  Frank delivered on time, kept his word, and created a gorgeous glass tile pool surface with Infinity Edge.  He made me look good.  In addition, I was a bit of a pain and Frank dealt with me with the patience of an old pro (no offense Frank!)  Call me for a reference - John Gee - Realtor - Miami Beach Sotheby's."
WOW!  It doesn't get any better than that.  A few minutes on his website and a couple of minutes on his Facebook page, you start to feel like you know who Frank is and what his company, Bluewater Pools, is all about.  The dots are connected!  Then, Frank takes it a step further and adds a contest he calls "Creating Unforgettable Memories" with prizes like an IPad, digital camera & underwater camcorder.  Frank's website asks the question "Who Is Building Your Backyard Paradise?"  By the end of this season it is a safe bet to think many people will be answering "Frank Vazquez."

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