Friday, May 27, 2011

Passing The Passion This Season

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and in the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with several individuals I consider both friends and industry icons.  Every conversation centered on a discussion of where our industry is headed this season.  In many ways, we find ourselves where we were a decade ago; competing with a variety of leisure-time activities that tend to siphon discretionary dollars that could be invested in the total backyard environment.   On the other hand, we are standing on the threshold of a new and exciting opportunity this season!  The opportunity to use new channels of communication in social media to reconnect with our existing customers who will help us connect with new customers.  Those same channels allow us to educate the public on new technologies available for our pools.  Most consumers are totally unaware of the last decade of changes in our industry and how these technologies have impacted the swimming pool experience.

The industry icons I  met with, over the past several weeks, share a passion for their work.  They live it daily, passing their passion to all those who cross their paths.  I challenge you to go into this season doing the same.  Show your customers your love for your product.   Explain to them the benefits of converting their backyard into the resort their families will "live in."  Our industry has the power to positively impact so many families this year.  Let's all keep our focus on passing the passion this season!

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  1. Vance,

    This is great. I agree with you 100% and will challenge my team to do EXACTLY what you suggest. I enjoyed our dinner and Lunch last week. Jason